A Private Membership Association explained in simple terms.

There is a private domain and a public domain and there is a huge difference between the two.  All of our lives we have been tricked and brainwashed into asking the government for permission to do things.  But after doing tons of research, I've learned that the Supreme Court actually recognizes that there is no government jurisdiction in the private domain.  So, how do you make sure you are secure in the private domain?  You form a Private Membership Association.  I like to compare it to our Declaration of Independence. In 1776, our founding fathers declared our nation independent from Great Britain.  Essentially we are doing the same thing with a PMA.  We are declaring ourselves in the private domain and telling our government that they cannot just assume that we are operating in the public, thus giving them authority over us.  

     So what is a PMA?  A PMA is when two or more people come together and practice their fundamental rights.  We have certain God given rights that the government cannot take away from us and we have a Constitution to protect those rights.  An example of those rights are Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association and other amendments that support a PMA.  PMA's allow you and the other people in your PMA to freely talk, exchange and share different sevices, procedures, and products, all without government regulation.  PMA'S create a private contratoral relationship between you and your members.  And no state can pass any law that impairs obligation of contract.  And the level of those protections will be determined by the founding documents.  

     Think of this as being home with your family.  You would never ask the government to come in and check the temperature of your refrigerator before you feed your family, right?  Or you wouldn't ask the government for a license if you just wanted to crack your brother's back because you don't need a license to practice in the private domain.  As long as you have properly written founding documents, the government truely has no say what goes on inside your PMA.  There really is only one exceptipon and that is that you or your members are not causing and clear or present danger of substantial evil.  So basically, if you're not killing or raping anyone, you may do as you wish.

     An example of this is there are certain counties that are dry counties in which no one is allowed to sell alcohol, however if you are a member of a Private drinking club, you may drink alcohol inside the club.  The PMA bi passes the regulation.  Or another example is a cigar bar.  In most public buildings, you're not allowed to smoke inside.  However, if you are a member of the Private Membership 

association, you are allowed to smoke inside and there's really nothing the government can say about it.  Same goes to certain sports clubs.  Memberships are restricted and they abide by their own set of rules within the club.  Some of the most famous clubs around the country are boys and girls clubs, boy and girl scouts of America, the American Medical Association, the NAACP, the Bar Association.  

     Example of a court case:  Hale v. Henkel

This court decision is one of the strongly worded cases defending the separation between the public and private domains.  In that court decision, it specifically states that no private citizen owes any duty or obligation to the state or to his neighbor to disclose his private business.  This case has been cited over 1600 times.  That means every time it was cited, it was recorded as if it was the new case won.  There are other cases that explain how the private domain is a shelter or a shield, also a sanctuary separated from interference from the state.

     The private domain is a sacred thing that most of us were just too naive to even realize we had such great protections over it.  PMA's are built on the protection of the US Constitution defense.  For example, the First Amendment defends our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.  The Fourth Amendment guarantees our Freedom of unreasonable searches and seizures .  So the government cannot legally just barge into your house whenever they feel like it.  The Fifth Amendment allows due process to be part of any proceeding denying "life, liberty, and property".  The Ninth Amendment guarantees certain inalienable rights to every man, woman, and child.  The Fourteenth Amendment secures our right to associate with fellow members and offer benefits and services that are outside of the jurisdiction venue and authority of State and/or federal agencies.  

      There are two different structures or categories of PMA's:  Standard and Faith based.  Faith based does not mean that you have to have a specific religion.  Faith means that you have a strongly held belief in something.  So if you believe God put you here and you have a scripture to stand upon, you should be practicing those liberties.  

     Some PMA's require members to sign membership agreements and can only use the facility if they become a member.  Others, like Stepping Stones of Triumph; Tammy's Tumbling and Gymnastics, membership is assumed.  By using our services, you agree to be a member of our PMA.


***Faith based does not mean that you have to have a specific religion.  Faith means that you have a strongly held belief in something.  



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